Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today 01.12.13..
its Sunday!!

Everybody is hype out with The Hunger Game Catching Fire movie..
To be honest im not a Hunger Game fan...movie or novel..
i prefer the more dark survival movie such as Battle Royale...
to think about it...Battle Royale was first launch in 2000..
so the movie is already 13 years...
i first watch Battle Royale during Uitm Samarahan era....good time...good time...hehehe

Some big shot producer claim that they want to bring Battle Royale to the Hollywood but things change after Hunger Game because they don't want people to say that Battle Royale is a rip off from Hunger Game...

Battle Royale Program

I watch it again today...
an awesome movie..
and yes one of the baddest person in the movie, Mitsuko Souma give me the creep when she brutally kill her friend..
the actress that play Mitsuko is Ko Shibasaki and yes she will be back in 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves

Mitsuko girl no #11

ahmad endo - sok ari khamis...cek gik surat di pos opis