Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today 30.04.13..
its Tuesday!!

Today is the last day of April...

and i will will be quitting my day job and try to do blogging part time and maybe other part time jobs..
in other words 2-3 jobs...
hey other bloggers are doing it and the different is they live in a bigger city with many events..
so i gonna do it all out..

Election day is coming..
to be honest for the first time i actually believe that we gonna form a new government this year...
what i really hate during the campaign period is when the political fanatic is out of control..
please and remember whoever win the fanatic will got nothing...

i really hate when the 24/7 promo on sayangselangor by BN..

im a sarawakian and i also need to sayangselangor?...
and why with the water issue everyday in selangor..
even in sarawak some rural area still have water problem but do you see the problem expose on the media every day?....Hell NO...


"bukan semua orang nak bising bila buat benda baik"

i was really inspired by some of the bloggers out there..

they have income not only from blogging but also from others jobs such as online business,modelling and events..
yeah you can count me out from modelling and events...hahaha

Big Mac...auuum

ahmad endo - mun tukar kerajaan PTPTN jadi free....arap tukar...hahaha