Saturday, April 6, 2013


Today 06.04.13..
its Saturday!!

I been reading a blog...
he is a husband with a success career...
plus he is a blogger, photographer and now he is opening a new business...
selling hijap and all the stuff..
most interesting his wife also have a very success career...an architect at a very big firm...
and now she is a co-ceo at her husband new business line..

i have to say i'm a bit jealous when i read all their success and still they try to have a side income...wowowww..
so i'm a little bit inspired...and trying all out in what im doing now...hehehe

my shoes that i use to jog is already torn apart..
gonna get a new shoe after this but still surveying..
either i buy it online or just go to the nearest store...hehehe

the nike app is what i use now after using endomondo app for a long time..
its a cool app for me....with voice command stating how kilometer you have run the average and many more...
and it have nike fuel...it measure all user the same...either a pro or beginner..cool..
nike band...serious in my wish list

Nike fuel Band...arrr

to be honest i hope to have an iPhone 5....arrrrr...but my old phone still can manage...
save you money...save your money..hehehe

ahmad endo - ok lah sik ujan petang2 minggu tuk....hehehe