Saturday, March 30, 2013


Today 30.03.13..
its Saturday!!

I love to read chick blog especially when they write about themselves ..stay true and skip all their love story...sometime it kinda annoying...hehehe
travel log, food and games...

Just finish watching Running Man 138...
funny as usual...especially the first part when all the member claim their are the leader..
and when joog kook enter the room everybody bow respect to the captain...hahaha
as usual Lee Kwang Soo betray....hahaha

Just sign in for 10 Km marathon this June..
gonna start jogging from now..
today 3.37 km in 33 minute...
i think my best is 5.26 km in 47 minute....hahah

craving for a burger..
why not..stop and buy triple cheeseburger...
oooo yeah 

 Triple Cheeseburger...

ahmad endo - mula2 nak start jogging balit memang kepak...napas pun pendek rasa...hehehe