Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today 24.03.13..
its Sunday!!

i just watch one of my friend instagram..

wow seriously working hard at the gym..
sweat is all over...
so i promise myself i gonna go all out..
without any gym equipment off course...hehehe

going to wangcyber forum..

i consider him as the guru of adsense..
wow he got usd 3k+++ now per month that almost RM10K+++
my determination is never as high as now..
i gonna earn a living also with just blogging...hehehe

last tuesday..

going to the mcd drive through..
im craving for a big mac but since it just 10++ am...
it still unavailable...
so plan b Mcd Mcmuffin with egg + coffee..

McMuffin With Egg

ahmad endo - aaarrr best eh ngan adsense jak dah pat 10k+++...freelance lain gik ...wowo...respect