Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today 20.03.13..
its Wednesday!!

So yesterday after hiatus sending resume almost 4-5 month via paper..
i sent one yesterday...hehehe...
i been using jobstreet and non got hitch...hehehe
i think i gonna sent a lot after this...fighting!!

still my biggest target is making money with blogs.
been reading some local sites that really optimizing adsense..
some even have 1k thats rm3000 and some even 10k...thats rm 30000+++..
and thats their income permonth with only adsense...crazy!!! 

last sunday i watch foodie blogger...something like that..
serious awesome...
mee pok johor and mee pok sarawak seriusly have a big different..
hey i don't mind having mee pok right now..

Mee Pok

Lately im been im been neglecting updating my personal blog since im updating my others blog..so i gonna update it regulaly after this...
and i gonna go back to my roots...writing about foods!!!

ahmad endo - duhal minggu tuk ada mcmuffin freeeee...rugi2...hehehe