Monday, February 11, 2013


today 11.02.13..

its Monday!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I just learned that one of alternative to adsense, Adbrite has closed starting 1 Febuary 2013...
So i removed all the adbrite coding at my sites and from my experience with Adbrite i receive one cheque from them but i never cash it in because the prosedur are long and the deduction of money also involve.
So now i only monitize my sites with adsense + infolinks...
i hope i can earn every month after this....

One of my favorite blog writer went to perform umrah.
She upload the picture it kinda make me so jelouse...hahaha
then i open my instagram and a friend of mine also went for umrah..
i pray that maybe one day i can also go for Umrah or maybe Haji...

i'm so sceptical with k-pop before this...i only imagine plastic surgery..
but after watching this week and last week strong heart i open my eye a bit...
korean actress Kim Jung-hwa went to Africa and adoped a child with AIDS..
not the kid fault but the mother and father already have AIDS.
Then she sent money to the kid every month..
oh yeah the kid name is Agnes..
Now she is releasing a book called Hello Agnes and 100% of the book sale will go to Uganda's Aids Children Foundation..
Kim Jung-hwa  just show me her humanity goes passed over religion, country and she is helping because Agnes is just a kid in africa...and yes she did meet Agnes in 2009 and also last year...wow...

Hello Agnes

Ahmad Endo - antara benda yang akan banyak parody pas tuk kompom orang upload nages2 sambil berlagu ombak rindu...hehehe