Tuesday, January 29, 2013


today 29.01.13..
its Tuesday!!

its 4 am in the morning
Febuary is coming and my plan for next up is to reup a new site..hahaha

i'm still doing a trial and error and i hope after this i can make a living with it.. Read some succes story with people (even in malaysia) they can earn more with just blogs.. putting adsense, infolinks, rent a space to people... a lot of factor to be successful if you are just like me not in the hot chick category...hehehe page rank, back link, high pay keyword, bounce rate...and many more 

 i got a call this morning.. when i google the number it was my uni number... try to call it back but the line is busy... if they are conducting  a questionaire for alumni... my answer is i'm still looking for jobs.....    

Layan Nescafe Ipoh White Cofffee...

i have a good friend that have a very good...and i meant it..  he pass with flying color but still having difficulty to find a jobs... i call him last week and his advice still stuck in my mind... just go with the flow... 

 ahmad endo - baca orang yang dapat 1000usd ++ ngan adsense...tukar duit malaysia dah rm3000 ++...best eh