Sunday, October 28, 2012


today 28.10.12..
its Sunday!!

this week got to taste something new....hahaha
personally i choose yogurt because it kinda good for you...
sometime you got to choose something good right...hahaha
i want to see how they seal the drinks but i missed it....

 A yogurt lychee..

a minty tea....kinda...

Cooling and refreshing

i want to try out the rojak ayam mamak but since they still didn't prepare the ingredient yet...
so my second choice was the original mamak roti canai...
a burst of flavour...seriously..
the spices is heavy in a good way

Roti Canai Mamak!!

ahmad endo - roti canai paling anton setakat tuk...hahaha

Sunday, October 21, 2012


today 21.10.12..
its Sunday!!

yesterday went for a coffee hunt...
you should try out a cafe along side the carpenter street kuching called..
Black Bean Coffee...
its served 100% pure Sarawak Gourmet Coffee....

Just for my info this cafe got a recognition from Jerman if im not mistaken... 
Black Bean Coffee cafe have only 3 table so we sat at one of the table outside the coffee shop...
and interesting feeling because we are the only local at that time...
some foreigners buy coffee take away and even one old foreigner taking his time smoking his so aromatic pipe....

This is Black Bean Coffee!!
100% Pure Sarawak Gourmet Coffee

Some of the coffee beans

more coffee beans

Take away please!!!

a friend buy me a mocha and it taste great...like other coffee it takes 2-3 hours to enjoy...hahaha
ahmad endo - aku masih lom pat pegi keday yang antony bordain pegi layan laksa sarawak...dalam segman bording malaysia channel TLC


Thursday, October 18, 2012

14 OCTOBER 2012

today 18.10.12..
its Thursday!!

 Mortar Board - RM300

Jubah - RM1000

A shot at immortality - priceless!!

ahmad endo - Alhamdullilah!! Fasa baru gik