Monday, July 2, 2012


today 02.07.12..
its Monday!!

so last night Euro ended with Spain held their head up high!!
Spain beat Italy 4-0
personally i love the game because i really hate if the game ended with penalty...
some who is betting on Italy is feeling it today...hehehe
Hardcore Italy fan especially among friends will feel the heat also with some jokes that was created during and after the game...hehehe
some such as....are this the final or a friendly match...
pizza price is increasing because Italy lose and so on and so on...

 But for Spain this is the third major won from them...
and yes Torres won the golden boot...
yes i kinda he deserved it not because im a chelsea fan but
the forth goal he can score by himself but he passed it to mata for the score..
that is so unselfish game by him...so congrats torres..

still not a fan but...
La Roja Champion!!
Viva Espana!!

ahmad endo - sik best lak rasa final sebab team ku sapot awal2 dah kalah...hahaha...tapi paling best diat hardcore fan england tiba2 jadi penyokong Spain n gago viva espana sini2...hehehe...papa pun congrats spain n torres!!


Boysbe9 said...

aku sokong torres & mata haha