Monday, April 30, 2012


today 30.04.12..
its Monday!!

So on the 28th April 2012, i got an invitation for a beautiful wedding reception at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel. Congrats to the lovely couple Johnney Sylvester Pungga & Veeky Leonora Andria. I love the theme, the environment and the food served. The food is captured and i place it at my food blog here. Love the picture and the video presentation, its kinda funny and cool with word caption mixing together.

A picture with Mr Johnney on a traditional boat with caption quest to find bini just simple but funny and memorable in a way. I was hopping there gonna be a flower bouquet tossing from the bride...cause the bouquet kinda look nice in the pictures!!....but it didn't happen...hahaha. Still the wedding reception was great...

Now gonna put some picture because picture tell a 1000 word......last but not least... Congrats again MR Johnney Sylvester Pungga & Mrs Veeky Leonora Andria!!

The Video Presentation

Group Picture with the Man!! abg nelsen...hehehe

Group Picture with the lovely bride!!

 More picture but blogger having trouble uploading it....i kinda have to resize it....too much job...hahaha....wordpress does much better because i can upload bigger and larger file

ahmad endo - rami eh orang kawen tuk!! pas diat wedding reception mala jak layan lagu ala omak kawen kan aku.....hahahaha


eva said...

aie knk ktk kin hensem? hahaha

ahmad endo said...

sukati jak ktk...hahaha