Thursday, October 27, 2011


today 27.10.11..
its thursday!!...

Im a noob to twitter and i find it is way better than facebook. I really enjoy reading tweets that makes fun of shows, people or anything else. With just a # seriously funny.

Do join the #soffiya when you watching the drama, funny stuff. Malaysians are so colorful. Yes the MasterChef Malaysia is so boring but it really fun when you read other comment from #masterchefmalaysia. Other than that last month #akugenerasi trend, so it kinda bring back old memory.

From twitter i also know this guy that just recently convert to muslim and what do you know his status being retweet and he got a lot of congrats from other muslim all around the world including me.

I just can't get it you can made a lot of money with just printing twitter logo on a plain t-shirt? Check it online.

Currently i kinda hate reading facebook status especially a girl that just broke up with her long time boyfriend. Just accept the fact that you are so hot before but not you are so fat, hehehe

Twitter logo. Print it on a shirt and you can sell it anywhere..

ahmad endo - baru abis diat cita Enthiran or robot. Nang cool lah apatah lagi ada Rajinikanth berlakon nang pecah perut tetak, hahaha. Steadylah Dr. Vaseegaran polah robot nama Chitti Babu, robot yang ada perasaan, hahaha

Monday, October 24, 2011


today 24.10.11..
its monday!!...

last week not really a good week for me....

today i settle the internet bills and my brother car's compound. After that i went to the pc store to find a replacement for my adapter laptop. At first i suspect that my laptop is broken but it just the adapter.

It was an interesting day because yesterday a match between Manchester United vs Manchester City ended with Manchester United loss 1-6. It was a home game for MU and Chelsea also lost to QPR 0-1. So opening facebook and reading the haters vs the supporter kinda make my day, hahaha. I kinda hate the local news because they only make coverage for the ManU vs ManC. Hello!!! its not always been ManU ok, hehehe. This week Chelsea vs Arsenal!!

Ahmad Endo - nak update wordpress mala jak error, gai na juak eh. Best rasa pat online k laptop gik eh, hahaha

Sunday, October 16, 2011


today 16.10.11..
its sunday!!...

im a big of justkhai writing. For me he is a good example for any blogger who wants to go from only a blogger to professional. I love his collection of gadget and works. He share a lot info and even show how much did he make from time to time. His latest topic is about technology. I do agree with smartphone is a must nowaday if you can effort it. For me, my personal target is to do a live blogging but after login to blogspot it didn't appear any keypad and my phone didn't have any qwert pad. So i tweet like there's no tomorrow, hahaha.

Currently i don't really read CE and RBS blog. Before this i really love especially CE because she share her personal still she can make rm5000 permonth, thats amazing. I delete RBS link because of her artist news that i think a copy from an entertainment blog that also copy the news from Forum cari. The interesting part are all the active former swears at the entertainment blog because they don't give credit.

i hope one day i can also collect gadget!!

My first order if i have a lot of money, collecting console!!

ahmad endo - kurang sihat eh, arap dapat cari coney dog sok lusak tuk, hehehe

Friday, October 14, 2011


today 14.10.11..
its friday!!...

Oooo Man, after watching last night Man Vs Food, i need to continue my hunger quest, hehehe.
Currently on my mind is Coney Dog....
so i hope gonna get some money soon so i can go eat...hehehe

a friend call me yesterday asking to chill..
but anybody who call me right now will got a no for answer
they will also got to hear my non stop complaint
until today i always remind myself..
is the result that i got fair?
i'm so piss off with the result....

i experiment with adsense and i put it on my food blog...
wow the price is so low...hehehe....
i hope to build one more blog soon...
hey since i can put a lot in a domain, why not?

rip to the father of C language Dennis Ritchie

cool eh orang zaman dolok dolok....hehehe

ahmad endo - boring jak jadi loser, suma fail suma gagal....aku diat cermin n padah...hey loser...i only have 2 things to say....#SuckIt!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


today 09.10.11..
its sunday!!...

finally i have the strength to write my first post in October 2011...hehehe
maybe because i was busy write on my other blogs...
yes finally i have my own food/travel blog....
currently i just food so i hope next year i can start traveling...hehehe
my other blogs also starts with yang....
its kinda a re branding step for me...
maybe 2-3 month after this i gonna add more blogs..
why you ask?
so i can put ads...adsense, infolinks, adbrite, nuffnang and innity...hehehe
it all about the passion to write and getting money from it a plus plus.

Steve Jobs pass away this week...
the trending on twitter about Steve Jobs he is the most mention on twitter...
He is the man that revolutionist the smartphone industry..
without iphone i will bet the smartphone industry will not be big as today...
it also goes to the tablet....
i hope one day i will have Apple product...iphone, ipad, Mac book....
for me iphone is leading the smartphone industry..
Thanks and RIP Steve Jobs

ahmad endo - banyak gik cita hot hot minggu tuk tek, kes anak terkunci lam keta sebab mak leka gilak, anak knak buang dari tingkat berapa ntah...gila punya orang....Belanjawan 2012.