Thursday, October 27, 2011


today 27.10.11..
its thursday!!...

Im a noob to twitter and i find it is way better than facebook. I really enjoy reading tweets that makes fun of shows, people or anything else. With just a # seriously funny.

Do join the #soffiya when you watching the drama, funny stuff. Malaysians are so colorful. Yes the MasterChef Malaysia is so boring but it really fun when you read other comment from #masterchefmalaysia. Other than that last month #akugenerasi trend, so it kinda bring back old memory.

From twitter i also know this guy that just recently convert to muslim and what do you know his status being retweet and he got a lot of congrats from other muslim all around the world including me.

I just can't get it you can made a lot of money with just printing twitter logo on a plain t-shirt? Check it online.

Currently i kinda hate reading facebook status especially a girl that just broke up with her long time boyfriend. Just accept the fact that you are so hot before but not you are so fat, hehehe

Twitter logo. Print it on a shirt and you can sell it anywhere..

ahmad endo - baru abis diat cita Enthiran or robot. Nang cool lah apatah lagi ada Rajinikanth berlakon nang pecah perut tetak, hahaha. Steadylah Dr. Vaseegaran polah robot nama Chitti Babu, robot yang ada perasaan, hahaha


Yumida said...

salam ahmad endo..mek follow blog ktk

rajanikan...suka nangga nya berlakon

diƤtplan said...

very good post