Friday, October 14, 2011


today 14.10.11..
its friday!!...

Oooo Man, after watching last night Man Vs Food, i need to continue my hunger quest, hehehe.
Currently on my mind is Coney Dog....
so i hope gonna get some money soon so i can go eat...hehehe

a friend call me yesterday asking to chill..
but anybody who call me right now will got a no for answer
they will also got to hear my non stop complaint
until today i always remind myself..
is the result that i got fair?
i'm so piss off with the result....

i experiment with adsense and i put it on my food blog...
wow the price is so low...hehehe....
i hope to build one more blog soon...
hey since i can put a lot in a domain, why not?

rip to the father of C language Dennis Ritchie

cool eh orang zaman dolok dolok....hehehe

ahmad endo - boring jak jadi loser, suma fail suma gagal....aku diat cermin n padah...hey loser...i only have 2 things to say....#SuckIt!!


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

kayaknya seperti vokalis the changcuters dari indonesia

Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

coney dog!!

pheww~ hot dog yang best =D

eva said...

rilek mat.. x gagal selamanya..

ahmad endo said...

anisa - pelanduk 2 serupa, hahaha

puteri iqa - memang tul best

ribena - sabar2!!...hehehe