Sunday, October 16, 2011


today 16.10.11..
its sunday!!...

im a big of justkhai writing. For me he is a good example for any blogger who wants to go from only a blogger to professional. I love his collection of gadget and works. He share a lot info and even show how much did he make from time to time. His latest topic is about technology. I do agree with smartphone is a must nowaday if you can effort it. For me, my personal target is to do a live blogging but after login to blogspot it didn't appear any keypad and my phone didn't have any qwert pad. So i tweet like there's no tomorrow, hahaha.

Currently i don't really read CE and RBS blog. Before this i really love especially CE because she share her personal still she can make rm5000 permonth, thats amazing. I delete RBS link because of her artist news that i think a copy from an entertainment blog that also copy the news from Forum cari. The interesting part are all the active former swears at the entertainment blog because they don't give credit.

i hope one day i can also collect gadget!!

My first order if i have a lot of money, collecting console!!

ahmad endo - kurang sihat eh, arap dapat cari coney dog sok lusak tuk, hehehe


Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

ohh. jarang sangat baca justkhai.. more prefer to mr k. hehe..

lilduck said...

i love read it too before.

ahmad endo said...

puteri iqa - ok jugak tu

lilduck - nice!!