Monday, October 24, 2011


today 24.10.11..
its monday!!...

last week not really a good week for me....

today i settle the internet bills and my brother car's compound. After that i went to the pc store to find a replacement for my adapter laptop. At first i suspect that my laptop is broken but it just the adapter.

It was an interesting day because yesterday a match between Manchester United vs Manchester City ended with Manchester United loss 1-6. It was a home game for MU and Chelsea also lost to QPR 0-1. So opening facebook and reading the haters vs the supporter kinda make my day, hahaha. I kinda hate the local news because they only make coverage for the ManU vs ManC. Hello!!! its not always been ManU ok, hehehe. This week Chelsea vs Arsenal!!

Ahmad Endo - nak update wordpress mala jak error, gai na juak eh. Best rasa pat online k laptop gik eh, hahaha