Sunday, March 6, 2011

ITS 3.30AM

today 06.03.11..
its sunday morning!!

to be exact its 3.30 in the morning....
Thanks to Nuffnang for the check....now i can pay for my domain early...hehehe

lately everybody is so busy selling their e-book. The first e-book i buy is Rahsia Flippa. That e-book show me hot to create website and sell it on flippa. Now i don't really sell website i just made it and try to put google adsense in it. I read some that they can even generate the minimum of usd12 a day, that's plus minus RM36..wow...

yesterday, i woke up early and open the tv and Mr Syahrul Nizam is on motivasi pagi. He is currently one of my lecture. I know he gives motivational speech on tv3 but thats was my first time watching him in action. Go to his site here

This week in Unimas, the open day for collage. Last week Chempaka's collage, and 4-6 march, Alamanda turns. Next week is Bunga Raya's Collage turns. The interesting part for Bunga Raya are they even bring fun fair into the collage like ferris wheel and stuff.

American Idol...American Idol, just like last season it being repeatedly shown over and over again....until they didn't show Masterchef USA....ooo man..

ahmad endo - tiba-tiba aku mimpi minum air koka kola...nasib bukak2 jak peti sejuk ada air ya...hehehe


EJA said...

unimas..uni mas sarawak?

darkbatman said...

ko dh dpt ker? ak lom dpt lagi.. sbr jelaa.

d_LA said...

hehe..ade gak mimpi minum air coke yer..pns2 ni bestnye dpt

Redbloodsnow said...

wahh....dh dpt check nuff ow. best eh