Thursday, February 3, 2011


today 03.02.11..
its thursday!!...

Since today is CNY so campus must be deserted......hehehe
i went there and just jog around the Tasik Unimas just to sweat..
but since i'm just started so i mostly i walk...hehehe
and yes when i started to jog the road is clear...
you can lay in the middle of the road.....
and i thinks some student misunderstood me as a girl with my hair blown gracefully by the wind....hahaha....the reason is i got some wiwit here and there...and from the girls hostel (merendah diri)....hahaha

the starting point

very interesting people i meet this evening....
the most interesting would be the couples!!
in a near distance i watch they take picture together at the tasik...so sweet (kinda)...hahaha
then as i went closer they kinda act sitting far from each other....hehehe
then i do some pumping 1-5....hahaha
and its kinda funny when i watch the couples....the girl provoke the guy to do some pumping...so the guy do it with only one hand....hehehe
and when i came closer he immediately stand up

time to go back

ahmad endo - arap tido ngan lena malam tuk...hehehe


MIMIE AIZA said...

i like the first picture :)

pu3mas89 said...

ktk, kacak pic ya.. mek salu g cya aii..