Saturday, January 1, 2011


today 1.01.11..
its saturday!!....

some of my friend tie the knot today....
some engaged....hehehe
to them...congrats!!

it new year but i didn't go anywhere...
maybe im preparing mentally and physically for the new semester starting this monday....

i been reading justkhai more and more trying to find tips and tricks...hehehe...
reading his writing boost the spirit to blog even more!!
i just submit admax and adsfactor publisher application.....hope they will approve it...hehehe

playing cityville just to kill some time...hehehe

for the day i spend watching Disney waktu rehat, Ben 10 back to back and Ong Bak. Wow if i can fight like tony jaa.....hehehe

A friend call me today telling about how great x-box 360 is....hehehe....gonna put that on my wish list!!

seriously how bad is the terms and condition is put, i will do it because i like you and i will prove it!!.....hehehe

ahmad endo - best!!


azureEn said...

damn. im starting to get addicted to cityville.. >.<

Badio Sulaiman said...

Mat pasang nuffnagg oi