Friday, October 22, 2010


today 22.10.10..
its friday!!....

last week i follow an old friend surveying a birthday gift for himself......hehehe
We stop at a Game Shop at Hopoh and he explain to me that he is buying a XBOX 360 for his birthday!!!......i'm kinda jealous but support him.....
One of my dream is to buy a cabinet then buy all the game console out there, currently i have ps one and ps 2....its ok im gonna take my time...hehehe

he is buying this XBOX 360

i want this one...Wii!!

i will buy Nitendo DS for collection purpose only!!


ahmad endo - tunggu jak ku ada duit...suma console aku beli...hehehe


asrulasmah said...

saya minat ps3.rm 1500 dah dapat